A Day In The Life At Kings Meadow


Our Community Living Facilitators help support our residents in their day to day lives. ​Having on staff and available when needed to assist the folks with the daily tasks that come around! It may be in the form of a helping hand, words of encouragement or learning something new themselves! The staff team is there! 

From creating a delicious menu for the week, planning birthday parties and outings we have a great staff ready to encourage and engage residents to make the most of their days! 

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT​Our folks are very involved in their community. Work and employment being community based in Windsor NS. From selling their art to working at the local workshops being community based runs deep in the morals of Kings Meadow. 

Taking part in Terry Fox runs, Christmas Angels, Literacy Program, New Boundaries, People First and even shared work at the Local Makers workshop. Makes for a busy and a very happy schedule! 


The residents at Kings Meadows have busy social lives, but with the challenges of COVID-19 and "staying the blazes home" we have been fortunate enough to introduce new programs for the residents to partake in while being home. New programs include Music Hour Mondays, Bingo Tuesdays, Chair Yoga, Reading Group as well as a Arts and Craft hour.


We promote Healthy Living at King's Meadow. We are very lucky that our beautiful property that our home rests on has been gifted the "Pam Kitchen trail" a trail that wraps around the property through the wildlife we share our residence with. Residents can be found walking, biking ans sight seeing around the trail. We also are fortunate to have a green thumb, having three raised bed garden foundations makes for a great activity for both staff and residents to partake in together. 

Kings Meadow also recognize the importance of exercise, sleep, socialization, mental stimulation and spirituality.

Call us:


5466 Hwy 14

Windsor NS B0N 2T0

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